Who we are

We employ people who worked in the largest personal advice companies for many years. As a result, we created a company operating on the basis of standards of international concern, without losing its individual approach to the needs of each client. Thanks to the knowledge of the local markets and the international experience, we are a strategic partner both for corporations and for the sector of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Our consultants are people who have carried out hundreds of recruitment projects for the production and service companies as well as for BPO/SSC.


We focus on finding high-qualified specialists.

Our recruitment strategies as well as our experts use individual methods of dealing with each client.
Our aim is to find workers whose skills and personalities match the needs of the company and meet its business requirements.

Our strategies give access to proven and qualified candidates.

What is special about the Recruiters firm:
1. We use the most effective recruitment strategies adjusted specially to the business goals of each company.
2. We use the matrix division of teams, thanks to which our consultants specialize in specific sectors and disciplines.
The strict specialization and local experience makes us experts who know well the requirements and needs of our clients.
Thanks to the thorough knowledge of the specificity of positions, our team properly verifies skills and competences, recommending only candidates who match the profile of the position.
3. Along with gaining experience, we have developed a huge network of contacts, which allows us to reach the right candidates much faster.

We focus on specialist and managerial recruitment in the area of: